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    Analysis: Cisco Sales Certification

    In this article we have a simple question for you. Are you the sort of person that looks down at people in sales? Do you have a different opinion of somebody who has passed Cisco sales certification? Or to you, are all salespeople so far down the evolutionary scale, you'd rather step on them (regardless of if they have Cisco sales certification, or not)?

    If that is the case, you're probably not going to like what has a say in this article. And if you can manage to keep an open mind long enough to finish this keywords about Cisco sales certification, you just might come away a little bit enlightened.

    To begin this brief article I will put something right up front. At one point in life, I, held a Cisco sales certification. Certainly I am a geek. And I am quite proud of that fact. In my rather long career in the IT industry, I did spend five years on the sales side of IT.

    The reality is, your very best salespeople are technical people as well. An individual holding Cisco sales certification has proven their knowledge of Cisco products. Just as the person who has an associate, professional or expert level Cisco certification in either field engineering or design has proven.

    This is not to say that there are not slimy salespeople. And hey, I've met some pretty slimy technical engineers too. The reality is, slime does not come packaged to a specific profession.

    As a person who once held Cisco sales certification, I can personally attest that while an individual holding Cisco sales certification might not be able to tell you all the dirty and ugly technical details of BGP, they certainly know what it is and whether or not a Cisco product supports it.

    Perhaps you didn't know that the designation Cisco Sales Expert (the highest level of Cisco sales certification) is a requirement in the Cisco Channel Partner Program. And just like the other Cisco certification programs, the Cisco sales certification expires and must be renewed.

    Ask anybody who works the enterprise-level as a geek, and they will tell you a good sales specialist (be it someone with Cisco sales certification, or Compaq or IBM, yada yada) is really one of your very best friends in the IT business. This is because a good sales person has strong product knowledge of not only their product, also that of their competitors. And they are there to support you in the long run. After all, it's more cost-effective to retain a good customer as opposed to finding a new one.

    One question does get asked is, what sort of income can Cisco sales certification bring? The answer is, it depends on the territory of course. And if a person is willing to work fair and hard, having Cisco sales certification should bring in annual income in the six-figure range.

    Other articles continue to look at Cisco certifications such as CCDA, and go further into CCNP, along with CCDP, CCIP, CCSP, CCVP and CCIE.

    CCNA 640-460/461/553/721/722/760/875/878 Test Voucher Pearson VUE
    Manufacturer: Cisco
    Our price: 250.00 USD
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    - Cisco test voucher for Cisco Exam 640-460/461/553/721/722/760/875/878 of Retail $250 value in USA/Canada Only [more info]

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